Our Facility

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Our facility,  located in the heart of Kigali, is designed to meet international standards and is equipped with top technology such as digital X-ray, in-house laboratory, and ultrasound for easy and accurate diagnosis.

Our hospitalization area is bright, clean, and designed to provide the highest standard of care and the best possible comfort for our inpatients. We know that cats and dogs need different care, thats why we have a separated cat- and dog station. We also have a newly built isolation area to ensure that critical cases receive the necessary care without infecting other patients.

In our modern surgery room, we work to the highest possible standard to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Our bright, open, and friendly waiting area provides our clients with the best comfort and enough space to avoid contact with other patients if necessary, including indoor, terrace, and garden areas.

We have two identical exam rooms that are not only ideal for consultations with our professionals but also contain all the necessary instruments for a thorough assessment of our patients.

In our preparation room, we work in a quiet environment alongside the busy ambulance area. This space is used for further assessment of our hospitalized patients and for preparing them for surgeries or minor procedures.