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Our History

The New Vision Veterinary Hospital (NVVH) is a private Rwandan animal clinic and laboratory with 2 branches: One is located in the Northern Province, Musanze district, Rwaza sector, the other in Kigali in Gasabo district, Nyarutarma sector.
NVVH was established in 2015 with major financial support of a Swiss foundation with the mission of improving animal conditions including health, welfare, animal nutrition and reproduction. The University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria and European experts from Austria, Germany and England provide post graduate trainings for our Rwandan staff.
Due to big demand we opened a branch in Kigali in March 2018. It is dedicated to all fields of small animal medicine. In this Kigali clinic we cover internal medicine including a broad spectrum of laboratory work, surgical procedures like fracture repair, dentistry, diagnostic techniques like ultrasound and X Ray and animals can be hospitalised if needed. Since the launch of NVVH in 2016 it became a centre for research, for education and trainings for veterinary surgeons, veterinary technicians, specialists as well as for animal owners and farmers.


Our mission is to improve veterinary diagnostics and treatment quality as well as animal welfare. Furthermore we focus on prevention of diseases by providing vaccine programmes, anti-parasite treatments and nutrition counselling. The health of the animals is inseparably linked with that of humans as many diseases are transmitted between the species. Because of this fact we acknowledge and live the one health principle.


Our vision is to make NVVH the private veterinary clinic and laboratory of first choice in the country and to be recognized as a prime partner for veterinary care and diagnostics in Rwanda by providing high quality services which comply with international standards.


The core value of NVVH is to enhance innovation in the veterinary profession. Teamwork and strategic partnerships with colleagues, training centres, universities and authorities around the world are part of our mission principles. We guarantee integrity and animal-centred services.


● The first private veterinary company with Veterinary Laboratory services
● Our Team is made up of professionals
● We provide diverse services at ago
● We work 24 Hours for the emergency.

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