Large Animal Department

1. Animal health activities

1.1 Treatment of diseases

Anti-parasitic treatment (blood,  intestinal and ecto-parasites)
– Treatment of infectious diseases
– Treatment of metabolic diseases (milk fever, ketosis)
– Treatment  of skin diseases

1.2 Surgical activities

Minor surgery

– Wound management – abscess surgery
– Castration under anaesthesia
– Dehorning under anaesthesia
– Hoof and clow care work

Major surgery

Caesarean section:
– Laparatomy
– Ruminotomy
– Intestinal surgery
– Orthopedic surgery
– Eye  and teeth  surgery
– Claw amputation

1.3. Reproductive management

–  Dystocia  management
–  Vaginal, uterine and utero-vaginal prolaps
–  Treatment of ovarian and follicular cysts
–  Pyometra treatment
–  Treatment of  fetal mummification
–  Pyometra treatment
–  Treatment of ovaries cyst
–  Heat induction and synchronisation in cattle and pigs
–  Pregnancy detection with ultrasound.

Vaccination in large animal and Poultry

2. Zoo technic and veterinary activities

NVVH Team can be consulted for livestock management advice in :

– Cattle
– Pig
– Rabbits
– Sheep
– Goat

NVVH provides all kinds of training and advising farmers how to improve the large animal farming. These trainings take place in the education facilities of the hospital as well as outside (Farmer field teaching).

Service includes

–  Visiting the farm
–  Assessment of the farm
–  Reporting problem list  and give recommendations
–  Follow up

3. Practical and theoretical training for post graduates and students.

3.1  students and interns

Nvvh is proud of to train and teach students as well as young graduands  theoretical and practical skills for a good start as veterinary surgeon.

3.2 Post graduates and Veterinarians 

In cooperation with (RCVD) Rwanda veterinary doctors offering post graduates trainings to improve on local veterinary capabilities.

3.3  Farmers 

Training and workshops for farmers are conducted regularly in educational training center at the hospitals in Musanze.

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