“My dog is vaccinated but does not have a valid Rabies Titer Test”

A valid Rabies Titer Test is necessary in order your pet to be allowed to travel to other countries. This Test needs to be issued at least 3 months before departure (United States: 45 days before departure) and at least 30 days after the last Rabies Vaccination took place. Once issued, this Rabies Titer Test will be valid for the whole lifespan of your pet once you update your pet rabies vaccine on a regular basis. (EXCEPTION: You want your pet to travel to the USA)

We are happy to help you getting this international titer test. Just contact us to make an appointment (Insert Telephonnumber and email) We take care of the rest.

Following Costs will occur:

DHL service fees: 65,000RWF

Blood sampling: 5,000RWF
Blood processing: 5,000RWF
Processing fees: 40,000RWF
Sample export permit RAB: 10,000RWF
APHA serology UK: 75,000RWF

Total: 200,000RWF


Kindly note, that we can only start the process after receiving all the required documents and a payment proof.

These costs will only cover the Rabies Titer Test. To get more information about the export of your pet, once you received the test results please click here (link4).