We are very happy to help you with travelling with your pet. Kindly fill out this form Export permit and add following scans: 

-your passport

-your pets vaccination card

-Your flight tickets

– a Valid Rabies Titer Test

We need to see your pet within 10 days before departure in order to make the required health check and issue a valid health certificate. After we have all the information we can start the process.

Kindly note, that we can only start the process after receiving all the required documents and a payment proof of 120,000 RWF (25,000 RWF for the Export Permit, 20,000 for the Health Check, 15,000 for the Health certificate and 60,000 RWF as Service fees). Details below

You are going to the European Union and your pet doesn’t have a European Vaccination card (Petpassport)? No problem, we can issue a EU Certificate for your pet, but be aware that additional costs of 15,000 Rwf will occur.

However, please be also aware that to enter with your pet in another country, you might need to fulfill other requirements connected with import permits too if these are present. Please inform yourself about import requirements, as we are not capable to track them for each potential country.