At the Kigali clinic we offer services like all kind of soft tissue and specific orthopaedic surgery, internal medicine diagnostics and treatment, dentistry, intensive and emergency care.

Dr . Jean Bosco

Dr. Jean Bosco TURIKUMWENAYO, Head veterinarian Kigali Clinic

Our Branch Mission

Our mission is to improve veterinary diagnostics and treatment quality as well as animal welfare. Furthermore we focus on prevention of diseases by providing vaccine programmes, anti-parasite treatments and nutrition counselling. The health of the animals is inseparably linked with that of humans as many diseases are transmitted between the species. Because of this fact we acknowledge and live the one health principle.

What we offer

    • General anaesthesia is performed including intubation and application of narcotic gas and infusion and careful monitoring. This makes anaesthesia safe and well controllable. Adequate pain management is routinely applied.
    • We provide diagnostic imaging of high quality and international standard like ultrasound and digital X-ray.
    • Our in-house laboratory is well equipped with different machines for blood work and a microscope for in house examination. This enables us to perform diagnostic procedures fast and which minor stress for the animal as well as the owner.
    • Our clinic uses an ultrasound scaler for state of the art dental care.
    • We offer intensive and emergency care at our well-equipped hospital 7/24.
    • Prevention of diseases by vaccination, parasite control, nutrition counselling and health checks is the basis of our work.
    • We offer services like pet grooming and a pet shop with dog food.
Surgery room

Surgery Room – Kigali Clinic

Microscopical diagnostic of a dog skin scrape, projected on a screen

Laboratory Room – Kigali Clinic

5 Surgery - Copy - Copy - Copy

Surgery at Kigali Clinic 



Team members of NVVH Animal Clinic Kigali

Dr. Jean Bosco TURIKUMWENAYO, Philomene BATAMURIZA, Dr. Beatrice MUKAMULISA, Leonie INGABIRE, and  Jean De Dieu UWITONZE.

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The NVVH Kigali clinic is located in Nyarutarama next to la Villa restaurant near to Rose Garden Apartments.

On the Raod KG 9 AV 83

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    • Monday - Friday
      8:00AM – 5:00PM
    • Saturday - Sunday
      Appointment: +250/ (0)7808/ 36952
    • Emergency
      24 Hours
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